TL;DR - I met (and spoke to) Segun Famisa, Unicodedeveloper and I did feel fulfilled - at least to me, that was the defining point of the entire event. The talks were great but pulling a discussion with this guys was beyond awesome.

Sometime this past June, I decided i wanted to become a part of the Nigerian developers’ community, meet some techies and all that kind of thing. It was fast becoming a possibility when a 3-day hackathon was organised by the guys at Brindocorp - link here. Hell, I could meet a couple handful awesome developers who are like me100. A thing led to another and i had to pull out from attending.

Then the other day, I was on Techcabal and i found something like Awesome events you can attend this November. That led to this post.

The Beginning

I got to the event around . Had to go through the verification process plus get an android robot sticker. While doing all of this, I pulled up a conversation with a certain dude from FUNAAB who was into embedded systems but was hoping to make a transition to the web. We chatted for 20 mins and we ended up sitting beside each other at the main event.

The Talks

The state of the web by Celestine

This was actually the keynote address

This made me thankful for the fact that i did not live in the era when deploying web apps via FTP was the bomb - LOL right ?.

Or when IE was a major developer bane.

Or when you had to be a nerd to implement AJAX.

Or when VCS wasn’t for mere mortals.

Or when you had to empty your account for a server.

Firebase for the web (UnicodeDeveloper)

Here are the slides

Awesome presentation. I never knew Firebase had that much in store. While he was talking about firebase storage, i made a mental note to ask about it’s comparison with s3 but this answered my question.

He also brought his twitterism to the event

Why Too Serious? What Memes

Empathy (Udeze Kene)

Here are the slides

This happens to be my favorite talk from the event. When he came on stage and said he was a UI/UX guy (lead at CCHub), I was like No, This is not happening. I do not like design by any means and would rather have my balls kicked than have to sit with anything that has to with design.

But this talk blew my mind off. This talk was great but it still isn’t going to make me UI/UX centric.

I feel this topic transcends UI/UX and has had a great impact on the way i think about code i have been writing since his talk ended. I currently am reading the book, Clean Code : A Handbook of Agile Software Craftsmanship by Uncle Bob and i found this talk happens to be applicable to the awesome stuff i am learning from the book. It was all about connecting the dots.

A search on speakerdeck and Youtube revealed this guy is so much hooked on stuffs like this. Here is a certain video - had to put it on replay, pause, take some notes, play - that made me publish the post 3 hours past scheduled time.

By all means, Empathy would be applied as one of my top 2017 lifehacks.

Progressive Web Apps by Ireade.

Here are the slides

Progressive web apps are the future. Yes they are. You find headlines like this on some random blog on Google and you still do not understand why they are the future. Here is a presentation you should checkout.

If there’s anything i have learnt from Ireade in the last few months i have been stalking her works online, that would be the ability to pay attention to details. Ire is pretty much obsessed with browser support and details (Check this, or her blog or the slides…)

The other talks were :

The End

I had the honorable pleasure of meeting and speaking with Femi Taiwo, Segun Famisa and unicodeveloper. They all were extremely helpful and were eager to talk with some random dude.

I couldn’t really get unicodeveloper’s attention because everyone wanted to talk with him. He literally was having a conversation with 8 persons at once - plus another 12 waiting in line while listening to the conversation he was already holding -. But still, it was awesome.

Segun Famisa was nice - like super nice - and humble . I walked up to him while he was on his phone - probably chatting - and was like Good Evening, obviously he was too busy on his device but he turned around to check the talking harry some seconds later. And he ended up talking about my impostors’ syndrome, his blog, React Native and some other interesting things.

GDG DEVFEST was awesome. Can we do that some other time ? Hell Yeah!!!

This post was written as per Segun Famisa’s instruction. He was like Write something. Hmm, that’s hard. Ok write about this event.

In strict accordance with the response, advice i got from him (Segun), I plan to write at least 2 blog posts a month starting from December.