Lanre Adelowo

About me

    I am Lanre Adelowo, a software developer interested in the web. I code mostly in PHP, Go and Javascript (albeit very little). I make use of Laravel and Slim for PHP development.

    Apart from PHP and Go which happen to be where my strength lies, i also have a passing knowledge of Ruby.

    I love open source and try my best to contribute as much as i can.

    I also try to write a lot. Here is my blog even though i actually end up writing more code than blog posts. ^__^.

My projects

  • Onecache

    A caching library for Golang with support for redis, filesystem, memcached and an inmemory backend

  • Gbowo

    A payment library for Paystack and Amplifypay

  • Gottle

    An HTTP ratelimiter for Golang

  • Fileupload

    A Document upload library that supports chunked uploads. I help maintain this project

  • Gbowo-paystack

    This is a companion library to Gbowo. And it contains plugins for Gbowo's Paystack adapter.